Professional skateboarder who is known for having secured sponsorship from a range of companies including Zero Skateboards, Krux Trucks, Bones Bearings, and Weed Maps. He shares clips of his skating and photos from his travels with the Zero team.

After growing up skating his local skate park in Chula Vista, he began filming clips before earning a sponsorship from the Zero skate team. In 2010, he was recruited for the first ever Street League Tour. In 2012, he competed in the X-Games Real Street Competition where he placed second overall but received a gold medal for winning the game of SKATE competition.

He was featured in the popular video segment My War on Thrasher Magazine's website in October of 2015 for his dedication on landing a frontside flip down the San Diego 20 set which secured him the last park in the Zero "Cold War" skate video.